Schoolnet Training Request Form
You can expect a response to this request within 1-2 business days. Upon confirmation of the training date(s) you will receive additional communication specific to the workshop selected. Schoolnet provided workshops should be requested as far in advance as possible. Your contract will specify the deadline for cancelling a workshop without incurring fees.
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We recommend that online trainings are scheduled so that each participant has no more than a half day of remote training on a single day.
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Please select the appropriate workshop(s) below. A description of each workshop is in the training catalog which is available on the Resources page of this site.
Site Readiness
Training location:
Please complete this only for on-site workshops. It is ok if you don't know exact location yet - just provide whatever details you can now.
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Please enter a date or range of dates that work for you - we will contact you to confirm. A minimum of three weeks notice is required.
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Each training session can support 20 participants.
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For example, if you have 40 people who each need 3 days of training, that would be 6 total training days.
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Scheduling Notes
For example, if there are multiple groups who need concurrent training or you are combining multiple workshop titles to add up to two or more days onsite, please provide details.
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Any additional Information the the trainer should know about
We can work with you to gather this information later, but feel free to share desired areas of focus, features you wish to skip for now, sensitive topics for teachers, etc.
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