Red Skies playtest
Hi and thank you to be here!
Red Skies is a mobile shoot them up expected for March 24th on iOS and Android, and maybe Windows Phones.
Please answer those questions in order to join our playtesters pool, you may be contacted soon with instructions to download and install the beta of the game. There will be several playtest sessions, with different people everytime.
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On which operating system are you? *
What is your device model
Are you a gamer? *
Not at all, I almost never play
Absolutely, I play several hours per day
Are you a mobile gamer? *
What, you mean my mobile can have games installed?
Every free minute is spent on mobile game
Do you like shoot-them-up? *
I'm not even sure what it means
I finished R-Type with only one hand
If you do like shoot-them-up, could you cite some shoot-them-up you especially liked, mobile or not?
Finally, we would need your e-mail to invite you to the beta. Please provide the e-mail used on your mobile (for your Apple or Google account) *
Bonus: Would you like to be registered on Red Skies newsletter? (Which would probably mean a single mail on the release date.) *
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