Multicultural Student Center Reservation Form
Please fill out the form below to request a room reservation. You will be contacted within three business days by the Multicultural Student Center to complete your reservation, if possible. Your reservation is not complete until you receive confirmation from the MSC staff that your event was successfully scheduled. Event request forms are processed in order of submission.

Reservation Information: Both the lounge and conference room are open for events/meetings from Monday through Friday 6PM - 11PM with set up as early as 5PM, and 9AM - 11PM on weekends. Events that are earlier or later than the open reservation time will need to be cleared by professional staff. MSC front desk staff are available to help set up/break down until 11PM on Weekdays; front desk staff are available for limited hours for weekend events, so please plan accordingly. Please do not move or remove any furniture unless cleared with MSC staff upon confirmation.

***NEW POLICY***: All organizations and departments are limited to two "Private" events a month. "Private" events are events that take up the entire lounge and are exclusive to members of the requesting organization. For further clarification or an exception, email

Availability: Please allow more than 3 business days lead time for requesting an event. Please check the MSC Lounge calendar ( and Conference Room calendar ( to make sure the space(s) are available. For any emergency last minute requests, e-mail or visit the MSC front desk. There is no guarantee we will get to your request in a timely manner.

Eligibility: CIOs, Special Status Agencies, and other student groups have priority for space reservations. Offices and departments can also use the space if a student group has not yet requested it. All groups must be in good standing and must follow all rules for use of the space; those in violation of rules will be notified and may have restricted reservation capability. Please access the rules of the space on this link:

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