BuddySpoiler Team Member Application
We're currently looking for team members that can help get older Future Card Buddyfight cards and event results added to BuddySpoiler's database. Most team members we bring in through this application will be temporary members tasked with getting our database completed. However, team members that are actively working on new cards and events as well may net themselves a permanent spot on the BuddySpoiler team.
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The BuddySpoiler team communicates through a staff-only Discord server. Having Discord is required to become a part of our team. Be sure to include the numbers at the end of your username (example: username#0000)
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This will give the team a general idea of when you're awake or asleep, which helps us improve communication between you and the rest of BuddySpoiler's team.
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Be honest, this helps give us an idea of your availability during hours you're generally awake.
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We need both positions, this is just so I know what to expect when I contact you for your position.
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