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The Education Village at the Boston Freedom Rally has undergone a couple of metamorphoses - from TED Talks to Panel Discussions, to a collated collection of photographs on storyboard screens, to the present iteration; the zoom, both live and taped. This is the most exciting format because suddenly, if not the constraints of both time and distance are done away with, at least the constraint of distance are. We pay by not being able to be physically present, but our voices and energy are.

Consider the Education Village as a curriculum with 8 chapters, corresponding to our 8 topics, 8 tents for panel discussions. Also think of the curated photo storyboards as talk therapy, helping the curious to understand the rotten foundations of prohibition, and how there is no honor in upholding it. We need to talk about what Social Justice looks like, how Activism will get us there. We need to talk about the importance of cannabis as an important industrial raw material, how cannabis is an important medicine and health supplement. And we need to teach each other how to grow, make, and take our meds. And we need to acknowledge the deep spiritual current under it all.

Imagine if you will, hiking a long and dusty road, maybe in the company of hobbits, and then seeing a nice area to sit and rest in the shelter of a cannabis cafe, where you are welcomed, and offered a seat by the fire, and you are offered a gandolf-iooking pipe of kind weed, and you are asked to tell your story. Give us your contact info and we can build these wonderful meetings of the mind.

About Masscann
The mission of The Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition (MassCann), is to build a consensus for a more moral and rational public policy regarding all uses of the cannabis plant.

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