Don't Hand Equifax a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE Card
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Consumers like me already face a stacked deck when we try to hold financial giants like Equifax or Wells Fargo accountable for​ their actions.

But now, the House moved to take away our right to join together to challenge bad corporate actors in court. You and your colleagues in the​ Senate​ must not follow their lead.

I​ ​​​support the Consumer​ ​​​Financial​ ​Protection​ ​​​Bureau's​ ​arbitration rule, which restores our legal rights and makes our financial system stronger and safer.​​​ ​​The 7th Amendment afforded Americans the right to a trial by jury,​ and large banks and lenders must not be allowed to strip us our of rights to hold them accountable for widespread fraud and wrongdoing in court.

​I ​urge you to stand with consumers like me, NOT financial giants trying to get away with widespread harm. Please vote NO on S.J. Res. 47​.

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