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Please fill out this application so we can match you with a new companion!

We have created this program to make new connections in our community and keep people socializing from a safe distance during COVID-19. We welcome volunteers of all ages and demographics. Once you have been matched with a companion, you will receive each others' contact information and be able to create a relationship based on your shared preferences - you can agree on Sunday afternoon phone calls, unscheduled calls, weekend video chats, shared projects or activities, etc. We will match you based on personality and interests, as well as schedule and availability. If there is anything else you would like us to consider, please let us know in your application!

You can always reach out to us for support or ideas, but our goal is to let you and your companion shape a relationship that works for both of you. We understand that your schedule may become busy after COVID-19, and we only ask that you be kind and communicate with your companion if you need to take a break from the program.

For questions, comments or concerns, please contact:
Carla Toolan, Community & Research Coordinator at WVU Health Sciences:
Jessica Maloy, Life Enrichment Manager at Berkeley Senior Services:
The "Adopt a Grandparent" program has been created to build meaningful relationships. We ask that before you sign up for this program, please consider if you will be able to donate at least 1 hour per week of your time. If you feel confident in your ability to commit to this, please proceed! If not, please keep us in mind and tell your friends about us! *
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