A study on Versioning in Event Sourcing

We* are searching for developers/architects willing to cooperate in a study on versioning in event sourcing.

The aim is to learn more about how versioning is done in event sourced systems in production. The study is a follow up of the paper 'The Dark Side of Event Sourcing: Managing Data Conversion' (http://files.movereem.nl/2017saner-eventsourcing.pdf).

In this new study, we want to conduct many more interviews, so we need your help! The aim is to do 1 hour interviews on the topic of versioning. Preference is to do them in person, otherwise through Skype or Hangout. If you are willing to help: please fill in the form and submit!

And of course, if you're interested we can share our knowledge and keep you informed of the results.


Slinger Jansen,
Michiel Overeem,
Marten Spoor

* University Utrecht, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and AFAS Software, joined in the research project AMUSE - https://www.amuse-project.org/

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