Parent Involvement Survey 2017
Thank you for your participation in this survey!
Please tell us the name of the school your child/children attend:
Please indicate your child's/children's grade level. Check all that apply.
Were you able to participate in at least one of the multiple activities throughout the school year such as programs, parent conferences, book fairs, family nights, etc.?
Were you well informed of the activities at your child's school?
Are event times varied enough to accommodate your work and/or childcare schedule?
Which would be the best method(s) for you to receive information about events at your school? Check all that apply.
What support would be helpful in allowing you to attend school events/meetings? Check all that apply.
What topics regarding your child's education would you be interested in learning about? Check all that apply.
Did your child participate in a basic skills program this year?
If your child participated in a basic skills program this year, what subject(s) did he/she participate in? Check all that apply.
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