Yoga Apparel Market Research
This survey is designed to gather insights into people's purchasing habits when it comes to ethical/sustainable goods and exercise clothing as well as to understand what people know about the fiber hemp.

If you do not regularly purchase or have never purchased yoga leggings, please substitute any type of exercise pant you have bought in the questions about yoga leggings.
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Have you ever purchased ethically produced or sustainably sourced goods before? (Organic, fair trade, etc.) *
Which reason has stopped you from purchasing ethically sourced/sustainably produced goods in the past (even if you have purchased them at other times)? *
If you have purchased ethically produced/sustainably sourced goods in the past, what is the average you have spent on one item? *
Would ethically produced/sustainably sourced yoga leggings be something you would be interested in buying? *
What is the maximum you would consider paying for a pair of ethically made/sustainably sourced yoga leggings? *
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