APS Hack Day 2019 Feedback
Thank you for participating in the first ever APS Hack Day. I hope you had as much fun attending as I did organizing it.

We want to hear your feedback so we can keep improving our logistics and content. Please fill this quick survey and let us know your thoughts (your answers will be anonymous).

If you couldn't attend but have interest or wanted to, then there are questions for you at the bottom!
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Some questions about the 2019 event.
These are questions to answer if you attended any of the sessions on November 15, 2019.
How long did you attend the event?
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Did you enjoy the event?
Not very
Very much
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Was it relevant and useful to you?
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Which sessions did you find most useful or relevant?
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Very relevant
Did not attend
Intro to GitHub
How to Write Clean Code
Data Structures + Algorithms
Machine Learning in Astronomy
How to Make Movies
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This is an open-answered feedback area. All opinions and thoughts about the Hack Day go here. What did you like about the event? What didn't you like? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
Future APS Hack Days.
This section is for all - whether you could attend or not. This is for future department Hack Days.
How often should the department have Hack Days?
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Would you be interested in a traditional hack-a-thon in addition to talks?
This would be an activity where a coding problem would be presented to the group as a whole and for an hour or so, people would work alone or in groups to solve it. Afterwards, people would present their solutions to the group. (I would probably work with a local company to facilitate this.)
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Was Friday afternoon a good time for this event? If not, when is better?
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If you couldn't attend but wanted to, how can I make this event more accessible to you?
What other topics would you like to see covered?
Do you have speakers you'd like to see?
You can put yourself here if you're interested.
Any other feedback you'd like me to know?
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