Rising Tribe Leadership Circle
Application for weekly group rising circle. Each Sunday night at 7pm MT | 9pm EST we will meet via zoom to dive into- Our goals and our energy we are attaching and attracting in. This will be a full support circle where we support you with worksheets, planning, action items AND you support the other members with your own knowledge and skills. This is a rising tribe who supports the community over competition and expands our views of what is truly possible. Accountability, spirituality, healthy lifestyles and badass businesses that we love. Space is very limited and by invitation only. We can't wait to do this together!
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The monthly fee for the RTLC is $197 with a six month commitment. We plan to go all in and show up for ourselves and others! Plus...it's Sunday, so there will always be some Funday vibes!
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What are you the expert at and what is your passion? *
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I just handed you a magical crystal ball. What has changed in your life and business on January 1st, 2019? *
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Are you committed to helping others rise and in turn grow yourself? *
This isn't "fluffy". This is a commitment. Are you committed to showing up every Sunday or checking in when life/vacas are happening? Your participation is required. If you choose to invest in yourself, you are making a commitment to the entire group that you are ready to rise together. Please type "I commit" below. *
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This is a leaders circle. It does NOT matter what stage you are at in your biz/life- just so we can support you best- please provide us with the cliff notes version of where you are at in your business. How long? What got you started? What do you want to do next? *
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THAT'S IT! We will personally send you an invitation later this week via FB and let the rising begin!
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