I need phone credit and a grocery voucher
We provide phone credits and grocery vouchers to people who are based in Australia.
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About Forcibly Displaced People Network (FDPN)
About Forcibly Displaced People Network (FDPN)
Forcibly Displaced People Network (FDPN) is a community organisation by and for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) people who have been forcibly displaced. We work with those LGBTIQ+ people who are currently seeking asylum, are refugees or migrants from non-Western countries.

For more information visit https://fdpn.org.au

We ask you to fill out this form to better understand what your needs are. We will be in touch as soon as we can after receiving your response. Please note that we are all volunteers. If you have additional questions, email admin@fdpn.org.au

We can't guarantee that you will receive financial support. This depends on a variety of factors like the availability of donations and already distributed support. We are working towards doing more.

We handle your information according to our Privacy Policy (https://fdpn964079271.files.wordpress.com/2020/10/privacy-policy-1-1.pdf). We do not disclose any of your personal information received to any third parties.
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I need phone credit (Fill the form only when you need your form to be recharged) *
OPTION 1: If you buy a recharge in-store or online, we can top up your phone directly. Please write who is your phone provider.
OPTION 2: The money are taken from your bank account. Please provide your account name, BSB and account number. Please email your latest phone bill (a screenshot is ok) to admin@fdpn.org.au. Note: we cannot top up your phone without your phone bill
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At FDPN we are all volunteers. We will come back to your request as soon as we can. Stay safe.
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