ScrapDogs Community Compost @ Searsport Transfer Station
More than a third of what Mainers throw away could be composted instead of being landfilled or incinerated. ScrapDogs Community Compost is a local company devoted to just that: composting food scraps, and building a more resilient food system in the process. Learn more about ScrapDogs here!

Composting food scraps keeps them out of the trash. In most instances, food waste is reliably the heaviest material in the garbage hauled away from municipal transfer stations. If the town can keep food waste out of the garbage, it saves money on hauling and "tipping" fees to take the trash to its ultimate site for disposal. 

Landfilling and incinerating garbage also emits a significant amount of greenhouse gases. Composting produces only 30% of greenhouse gases that landfilling does, and creates a great soil amendment for gardens as a result!
Many people, although aware of composting and its benefits, don't have the space, time or resources at home to compost themselves. ScrapDogs works to make the process as simple for folks as possible by collecting food scraps from homes and businesses, and composting them at a centralized facility, and 

ScrapDogs would like to help residents of Searsport compost their food scraps by installing a "drop-off station" at the transfer station. In exchange for a monthly subscription fee, ScrapDogs will provide residents with clean buckets to collect food waste each time they visit the transfer station AND give each subscriber a 1/2 yard of finished compost annually. 

In order to get the Searsport program started, ScrapDogs needs to have at least 40 customers willing to subscribe to its service. If you think you're one of those people, please fill out the form below! 
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