Pledging support for the Protest Declaration of March 3, 2016, г. against two bills introduced to Bulgarian parliament by two groups of socialists and aiming to curb and eradicate the right of freedom of religion, belief and speech and other fundamental human rights
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IMPORTANT! By filling out this form and submitting it to us you state that your information is true and correct and that by your own free will you choose to support, meaning that you agree with the text and its stated purpose, the Declaration of March 18, 2016 adopted by Bulgarian churches, denominations and human rights activists against the proposed legal limitations in Bulgaria of freedom of religion, thought, speech and other fundamental human rights. You can express your support as a representative of your organization or church, if you have the right to do so, or as an individual. (It is possible that we may get in touch with you to confirm your support for the Declaration. The information you submit will not be shared with anyone outside the purposes announced herein.)
"Freedom for All" is the host of this form and is one of the main authors and sponsors of the Declaration As of March 24, 2016 over 35 Christian denominations, churches and human rights organizations have signed the Declaration as well as over 350 individuals. Thank you for standing with us for freedom to believe and to speak!
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