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Travel & Long-term Care
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Are you able to make a long-term commitment to care for your pet for its entire life span, which may be as long as 20 years? *
If you were to become unable to care for the cat, who would take care of the cat? *
What would you do with the cat if you moved locally? Out of the area? *
Cat Care
What will you feed the cat? *
What brand(s) of food? *
Can you afford to provide ongoing medical care when necessary and a proper diet? *
How much do you expect to spend annually for your cat’s care (food, litter, veterinary care, etc.)? Please provide a NUMERICAL estimate. *
How will you keep your cat cool in the summer? *
What activities will you facilitate to ensure the cat receives enough exercise and personal attention? *
Where will the cat spend his/her days? *
Where will the cat sleep at night? *
Do you plan to declaw your new cat? *
What would you do if the cat scratches your furniture or destroys any property? *
What would you do if the cat suddenly stopped using the litter box? *
Under what circumstances would you give up your cat? *
Under what circumstances would you decide to euthanize your cat? *
If there was an emergency, up to what amount would you spend at the vet before considering euthanasia? Please provide a dollar amount. *
Additional Information
I understand that a home visit is required as part of the application process. *
I understand that submitting an application and/or participating in a home visit does not guarantee placement. *
I am able and willing to make a minimum tax-deductible (and non-refundable) donation of $225 (or $400 if I adopt two cats) to The Cat's Meow. *
As an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we rely solely on your donations to continue helping cats in need. All donations go directly towards the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of abandoned and neglected cats. The minimum donation rarely offsets the cost of medical care for each cat adopted, so larger donations are always appreciated. I understand that the adoption donation is due at the time of the home visit, if approved.
I understand that The Cat’s Meow reserves the right to refuse adoption to any applicant for any reason. Should this adoption go forward, this application will be incorporated into the contract by reference. *
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