Survey for examination Time table and reopening of the college for the academic year 2020-21.
Sarosh Institute of Hotel Administration, Kannur, Mangalore.

1. In the covid 19 pandemic times of adversities and its global in fact, we all are aware about the confusions regarding the re-opening and conducting of exams in the college due to the safety of our students and it is the utmost important for us at the same time ,the biggest concern due the long home stay away from the college. Is that the student should not find themselves completely out of the learning curve by the time we fully come out of this pandemic crisis

2. As per the direction of the Mangalore University we are conducting a survey for the same in this google form.

3. The parents are requested to compulsorily answer all the questions on or before 25th June 2020.

4. You are the important stake holders of our organization. We are requesting you to fill the form so that the appropriate responses help the college and the University to take a constructive decision.

5. Don’t forget to click SUBMIT to register your response.
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1. Does your ward know about Corona Virus? *
2. Does your ward know about Social Distancing? *
3. Does your ward wear mask while moving out of the house/flat nowadays and feel comfortable wearing it? *
4. Are you ready to send your ward if the college re-open as per the Government instruction. *
5. When do you feel is the appropriate time for the college to re-open, As per the instruction by the Education Department ? *
6. By what means of Transport will you send your ward to college this year *
7. According to you suggest an appropriate month for scheduling the exams of your ward for the previous semester *
8. Kindly suggest the mode of conducting examination of your ward for the previous semester *
9. As per the direction if the ward is found with any of the symptoms related to Covid-19 the ward will be send back immediately home. Do you agree with it? *
10. Whether exams for the previous Semester, can be held after start of the odd semester, 2020-21 ? *
11. Suggest when final year exams may be held (only for parents whose children are studying in Final semester BHM). *
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