Conquer Your Queendom Conference - Panel Speaker Application
Hey you! Thanks so much for your interest in applying for a seat on the panel at our upcoming Conquer Your Queendom Conference - taking place on Sunday, April 26th at Hip at the Flashlight Factory, starting at 10am.

The topic of conversation for our panel is The Importance of Sharing Your Story. Here, panelists will share their stories of how they may have been in the lowest of low places, the steps they took to get out of that space, the story of building themselves up + sharing where they are today and the biggest lessons they learned on the way. At grlpwrprojects, this is a fundamental pillar of our conversations, as we know SO many people have used their story to create the business or work they strive in, and that sharing your story will more than likely resonate with someone else struggling in a similar situation.

We will have attendees submit questions pertaining to the above topic, so that panelists can prepare with some answers once those questions come up in discussion.

We are doing things a bit differently this time with our panel by giving those interested in speaking a chance to apply for a seat. Simply fill out the application below, and you will be notified by grlpwrprojects if you have a seat on the panel by Monday, January 6th. We look forward to reading through your applications!

Please note, if accepted, your space on the panel includes your conference pass. If not accepted (we can only 6-8 panelists), a discounted conference ticket will be provided if you wish to join us for Conquer Your Queendom Conference.
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