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The Launch Baton Rouge Business Academy is a strategic initiative of MetroMorphosis focused on expanding business ownership among underrepresented populations and in under-invested communities by providing access to training, coaching, mentoring and contracting support.

The answers to the following questions will be kept confidential and no one answer can disqualify you from participation.
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Criteria for Selection:
1. Small or emerging (less than $1 Million net worth; at least 51% ownership by persons with individual net-worths of less than $400,000)
2. Desire to build capacity in your business.
3. Commitment to hire from and/or perform services in North Baton Rouge
4. Registration in the Louisiana Economic Development's SEB Program.
What is your NAICS code? Use this link if you don’t know.
What program are you applying for?
Are you SEBD certified through Louisiana Economic Development
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Are you certified Veteran Owned by the VA? *
Are you Hudson Initiative certified through Louisiana Economic Development?
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Are you a certified DBE through the Department of Transportation & Development
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Are you MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) certified?
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Are you WBE (Women-Owned Business Enterprise) certified?
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What is your average annual revenue from the business?
List your last 3 commercial/ government projects with the dollar amount next to it.
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