TAM Youth Advisory Board Application
Thanks for your interest in applying for the TAM Youth Advisory Board! Applications are due 8/3/20, and decisions will be sent on or before 8/14/20. Applications are reviewed and phone interviews are scheduled as applications are received.

1. What is the Technology and Adolescent Mental Wellness program (TAM)?

The Technology and Adolescent Mental Wellness program (TAM) is a research initiative and diverse community seeking answers to the following foundational question: How can technology support adolescent mental wellness? Members of our Youth Advisory Board work to ensure that TAM is asking the right questions about youth and technology use.

2. What does a TAM YAB member do?

As a youth advisor, we will ask you to share your experiences with technology and your perspective on its benefits, drawbacks, and impact in your daily life. You may be asked questions like, "How do you interact with your friends online?" "Do you think a teen would use this mobile app?" "How has your technology use changed in response to real-world events?" You will be asked to share these perspectives with your fellow advisors, with academic researchers, and with people from the tech industry, healthcare, and the larger community.

3. How will the TAM YAB benefit you?

Being a TAM YAB member is perfect for youth interested in careers in research, healthcare, or other STEM fields. Being a TAM YAB member is not just a "resume builder," but a vocation builder, helping teens understand how their perspective can shape scientific progress in the fields of technology and mental wellness. In the last year, TAM YAB members were featured in a special film (linked below), on the webpage for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and in a local news report. Further, TAM YAB members piloted novel research projects, reviewed research proposals, and connected with renowned investigators across the country. YAB members receive a stipend of $100 at the end of their term after fulfilling all commitments.

5. What are the requirements and responsibilities?

Applicants should be between the ages of 13-18 and from the United States. We strive for a diverse YAB and encourage you to note in your application the ways in which you bring a diverse perspective to the YAB. The term for a youth advisor is 1 year (August 2020-August 2021), and YAB members are required to attend the following events: the virtual colloquium (conference) on September 16th, from at least 3:45pm-6pm CST; two video calls, one in Fall/Winter 2020, and one in Spring 2021; one in-person meeting (if local) in Summer 2021, in Madison, WI. YAB members are asked to engage in occasional e-mail communication over the course of the one-year term.

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