Don't Panic! Live karaoke signup
Welcome to LIVE KARAOKE hosted by the band, Don't Panic!

- The band will perform 2 sets of (up to) 15 songs each with a break in between the sets.
- The set list will be determined by the guest singers' choices and arranged by the Host. **
- Signups occur online before the start of the show and in person during the performance.
- In person entry during the performance will be limited to one song choice at a time.
- Online applicants please use this form to select a FIRST AND SECOND choice song.
- This form will close the night before your event.

** You will be contacted by email to confirm your song and set position so you can start PRACTICING!
** Songs will only be played ONCE.
** You are not guaranteed a spot in the current set if you sign up during a performance.

1. Select a FIRST choice song from the available list so the host can arrange your request and ensure your music is ready.

2. Select a different SECOND choice song from the available list to assist in conflict resolution before the event.

3. The performances may be recorded on digital video. Provide your agreement if you're okay with us posting it publicly on our Facebook page.

4. During the performance, PLEASE, LISTEN for your song and name!

- In between each song, the host will announce the current song and performer as well as the next song and performer.
- If you provided your SMS contact we will attempt to text you before your performance.
- If you are not ready when the host calls you, the band will move on and you will lose your place in the set with no guarantee of replacement.

** Your contact information is being collected strictly for the purpose of coordinating this event. You will not be subject to future marketing, we promise.**

.... and remember, always carry a towel and DON'T PANIC!

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