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This questionnaire is designed for individuals or organizations willing to contribute resources for a crucial rehabilitation and revitalization project. The questionnaire collects information on your expertise and the type of resources you can provide and how they can be applied to support project goals.
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What resources or expertise can you bring to the project?


Please provide a brief description supporting your selection above.

How many weekly hours can you volunteer over the coming 3 months?
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How do you envision your profession being utilized in support of the project's goals (e.g., financing for sustainable initiatives, production capacity for building materials, consulting services for project management)?


Do you have any previous experience or involvement in similar projects or initiatives that demonstrate your capacity to contribute to the rehabilitation and revitalization efforts?

Are there specific areas or aspects of the project where you believe your resources would be most valuable?

Please share any additional information or expertise that could be relevant to this project and how your resources can make a positive impact.
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