Disciplined Agile Eligibility Calculator
This specially designed eligibility questionnaire quickly tells you whether you can qualify for the Disciplined Agile exam. You can check your eligibility by answering a few questions below. We also provide free consultant guidance in case of any further queries. You can drop us a mail at info@prothoughts.co.in

Disclaimer: This set of questions are based on the project management experts of ProThoughts. This process is by no means is a representation of PMI's official approval process. Eligibility approval with this tool does not guarantee PMI acceptance of eligibility.
Our expert team can help with any further query and guidance.
Please mail at info@prothoughts.co.in
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1. Have you worked in Projects which are using Agile practices or methodologies? *
2. Have you worked in Projects which are using Lean practices or methodologies? *
3. What has been your role in Agile projects? *
4. What has been your experience in Agile projects? *
5. In Agile projects you worked, do you believe that your team and management had an Agile mindset? *
6. Do you think Agile/Lean Practices on the projects worked for you to your favour? *
7. What has been your role in Lean projects? *
8. What has been your experience in Lean projects? *
9. As part of your Agile / Lean projects, do you have a project plan to work with? *
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