IGDA Ann Arbor Monthly Showcase Registration
Please fill out this form to request a 10-minute slot (5 minutes of presenting, 5 minutes of Q&A) for any topic of your choosing. Note that 5 slots are available per-month taking place in the 8pm - 9pm EST block-- the organizers will reach out if you are not among the first 5 to request a slot. You may present for any purpose-- soliciting feedback on a project, advertising / unveiling a new release, debating a topic of your choice, etc.
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NOTE : Live presentations occur either in-person, or remotely via this discord server (https://discord.gg/vtkChpG) (find the "Live Meeting" video channel). Joining this channel during your slot will allow the twitch.tv audience to see your screen / webcam and hear your voice.
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NOTE : the following two pieces of information help us find you (should you be missing at the time of the show-and-tell) and help us shout-you-out in pre-event media.
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Unless IGDA Officers reach out to you, assume you've claimed a 10-minute show-and-tell slot during the 8pm -9pm EST block (if we run out of slots, we'll let you know and move you to the next month).
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