Way to go! You are investing in your gifts & talents! Choosing to register in this class also shows your dedication & desire to perfect your craft!

Destiny coaches from a working actor and producer’s perspective. She is not only a working actor on stage and in front of the camera. At TAPED we like to switch up the curriculum topics and tackle the meat of the industry such as auditioning, in addition, to performing for film/stage, etc..New to this? No worries, TAPED we got you!!

TAPED does our best to prepare talent and provide them with the necessary industry resources.

In this class you have the ability to develop strengths and focus on weakness specifically, in self-taping.

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Need to Know Information: PLEASE READ

Session Requirements:
Actors should be aware that THERE WILL BE AN AUDITION DEADLINE! Just like a real audition.. Your tape will be due 2-3 days after you receive your sides. Actors are encouraged to participate in the live sessions each week.

Contact Information:
Destiny Washington
469.795.8114 (office)
info@igottaped.com (e­mail)
www.Igottaped.com (website)
FaceBook: Facbook.com/IGOTTAPED
Instagram: @Igottaped
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