CBE Week 2021 Survey
Thank you for attending CBE Week 2021 #ThriveTogether! We would love to hear from you about your experience so that we can continue to develop programs that focus on elevating Black business owners and professionals.
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The Entrepreneurial Journey: Life After the Pitch Competition. Hear from Our Former CBE Pitch Competition Winners
CBE Pitch Competition Startup Showcase
Recharge with Chef Nikki - “Wellness is Excellence
Diversifying the Supply Chain: Perspectives from Apple and Uber on how to build and maintain effective partnerships
Smart Genes: Understanding the social, legal and ethical considerations of genetic testing.
Reforming fundamental policies for a brighter Golden State: Exploring innovative solutions to long-lasting challenges impacting Black communities in California
Recharge with Uncle Nearest Inc.
Keynote: Paths to Excellence (Tony West, Lybra Clemons, Bill Nash)
Wealthy State of Mind: Acquiring the Beliefs, Habits, and Practices That Lead to a Path of Prosperity
Where the Innovation Resides: Finding and Funding Projects Right in our Communities
Building Black Political Power: Harnessing the Political Might of Black Professionals to Shape Democracy
Higher Learning: Legal and Political Considerations with Cannabis
Power Chat with Maya Wiley: Thriving Through Politics and Business
CBE Pitch Competition
Don’t go Chasing Fool’s Gold: Spotting the Difference Between “Get rich Quick” and Long Term Wealth
Nourishing our Body and Mind: How Limited Access to Healthy Food Options Impact the Well-being of Black Communities
Smashing Idea:...But for Who? Strategies to get Companies to Consider a Diversity of Experiences in the Design Process
Moving on Up, While Bringing your Community with You: Creating Transformative and Multi-Generational Wealth
Tuskegee to COVID-19: Unraveling the Distrust in Public Health to Understand Disparities and Shape Ongoing Recovery Efforts
Making of a More Perfect Union: The Importance of Engaging and Amplifying Black Voices to Influence Political Discourse
The Digital Divide Reframed: From Remote Working to Virtual Learning, How to Optimize Productivity in Black Communities
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