40th Year Camping Reservations
Groups of people wishing to reserve camping space may do so here.
Individuals planning to camp with a group should also fill out this form.
Individuals wishing to camp in General camping are not required to fill out this form and will be directed to one of the general camping areas during Sign-In at Gate.
What is your Mundane Name? *
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What is your SCA Name? *
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What e-mail can we use to contact you in case of questions? *
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Group Choice
Please be sure you have talked to your group to know what Group you are registering under.
What Group are you planning to camp with? *
If your Group is "Other" please type the name of your camping group here.
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Are you the Land coordinator for your Group? *
Camping Information
If you are the Land Coordinator you have the option of filling this form out for your Entire Group. If this is the case, please say so here, and list 'everyone' that is camping with you (so we can mark off any accidental duplicates in measuring out space!). Also, down where it asks for 'your tent size' you can submit the total amount of land needed for your camp's tents.
What day are you arriving? *
If you answered "Wednesday" Please list which early-on approved group you are part of and who your on-site Department Head is so we can confirm. (Merchants/Taverns/Department Heads may list the Event Stewards)
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Are you staying in your tent or someone else's? (Please identify whose tent if not yours and be sure they have also filled out this form!) *
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What are your tent dimensions (including ropes?) Is it a modern or period tent? (If not your tent, list "Not my Tent.") (If you are answering as Land Coordinator for your entire camp, please list the total space for all tents. You do not have to do every tent individually). *
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Do you prefer a Loud or Quiet Camping Area? *
Do you need power for medical reasons? *
Do you have a mobility limitations/are you reliant on a wheelchair or other mobility device that should be taken into account when assigning your camping location? *
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