Broadmoor Improvement Association Coronavirus Response
None of us knows what the impact of Coronavirus will be on our neighborhood. In these difficult and uncertain times, the BIA is working to coordinate neighborhood-based systems of support for our most vulnerable neighbors.

While some of us have support networks who can help us in this time, others do not. In the event of a large-scale shutdown across New Orleans, local support networks will become particularly important.

At this time, the BIA is continuing to provide emergency food assistance through our food pantry at the Broadmoor Community Church (2021 S. Dupre Street) on Mondays from 10 am-12 pm and Wednesdays from 1:00-3:00 pm. We are also able to provide support in navigating referrals to social services. To access case management services, please call us at 504-249-5130.

In addition, we would like to facilitate building a support network right here in Broadmoor. We envision a network of neighborhood volunteers that could help with the following things in coordination with other City-run resources:
- Sharing supplies if there are shortages (i.e., Tylenol, Ibuprofen, cleaning products)
- Bringing pre-cooked meals for families in which everyone or the main caregivers are sick.
- Checking in (possibly remotely) on elderly residents or those who are in high-risk groups and do not live with a caregiver.
- Assisting with minor DIY tasks if it becomes impossible to get help.
- Assisting with teaching young people should schools be closed.

In order to help build this network, please fill out this form with any needs you might have as well as any resources (including volunteering your time!) you can contribute. By filling out this survey, you will be added to the BIA's mailing list to receive periodic updates. Thank you for helping us be Broadmoor strong!
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