2019 Choreographic Sign Up
The competition is due to take place on Sunday 15th December. This is where anyone in the whole school regardless of age can make up their own dance/song in their own time. They also need to supply their own costumes and music. This can be done as a solo, duet, trio, quartet or group. It is brilliant for the pupils to showcase their own choreographic talents. I organise for some independent judges to decide on 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and those that win will receive the Trophies that are currently in the Trophy Cabinet for half a term and then they will need to be returned back to the trophy cabinet.
There will be two age categories to make it fairer on the younger pupils of the school. Categories will be as follows: 12yrs under 13 yrs over There will also be two sections: Dance Song and Song & Dance will be seen together Maximum Running times: Solo’s 1.5-2 minutes Duet 2.5 minutes Trios/Quartets/Groups 3 minutes. All entries need to be entered prior to Sunday 1st December. All music must be supplied on a CD and cut to the correct length and handed in by Saturday 30th November.
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