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Deepam is looking for volunteers in places across Tamil Nadu. You can register here

1) Chennai - Lots of opportunities for volunteers in our centres across Chennai
2) Coimbatore - We started in Coimbatore in 2018 - opportunities are open for volunteers in Coimbatore
3) If you are from another area in Tamil Nadu and want to help us start a Deepam centre there - you are welcome too

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Deepam functions on Saturdays only. Volunteers are expected to show a minimum of 75% attendance commitment ( atleast 3 out of 4 saturdays a month) , for a minimum of 6 months. This regularity & commitment is required to make a meaningful impact on children you teach
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Deepam works with young children in class 3 to 6. Volunteers at Deepam understand that children must be engaged with, only during the operational hours of a Deepam centre. Meeting children outside the Deepam centre operational hours, is not encouraged. Volunteers also understand that physical contact with any children or other volunteers must be completely avoided.
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