2019-2020 Elective Survey
This survey is to give your counselor an idea of what electives you would want to take if there is room on your schedule. There is no guarantee that you will be able to get these electives.

Listed below are the course descriptions of the potential electives that may be available next year. Please read through the descriptions and make your requests at the bottom.

CWT (Co-operative Work Training)
Students acquire knowledge of employment requirements, their social responsibilities, and the free enterprise system.
Introduction to Art
Students will explore the elements of line, shape, value, form, texture, and color by making art on a daily basis. Students will draw, shade, sculpt, paint and more while exploring a variety of media that might include pencil, charcoal, scratchboard, printmaking, clay, digital media, paper sculpture, paint, or found objects. Composition, craftsmanship, art vocabulary, and good artist habits are honed as students move through each project. Prior art experience is not required for this course.
This course is designed to foster an awareness and understanding of how we use energy to power our industrial/technological society. Areas of study will include the conservation of energy as it relates to the six forms of energy: mechanical, thermal, light, chemical, electrical, and nuclear. Students will experience how energy is controlled through a series of energy related hands-on projects. In addition, an overview of internal and external combustion engines is included in this course. Students will have a hands-on shop experience in the operation, disassembly, inspection and reassembly of a small air-cooled engine.
Students will develop a knowledge and understanding of culinary principles and nutrition. Lab experiences will include egg and dairy preparation techniques, baking techniques, produce preparation techniques, and basic knife skills. Students will learn how to apply hospitality and industry skills that can be utilized in the workplace and in everyday life.
Computer Concepts
This orientation-level course is designed to develop awareness and understanding of applications software and equipment used by students and employees to perform tasks in business marketing and management. With a focus on the Microsoft Office Suite students will learn basic word processing techniques using Microsoft Word, basic spreadsheet development and formula editing using Microsoft Excel, basic database creation using Microsoft Access, and will learn both basic and advanced presentation techniques using Microsoft PowerPoint.
Spanish Communications
This course develops students’ Spanish communication abilities, with a strong emphasis on speaking and listening. This course is flexibly designed to meet the needs of students with no prior exposure to the language and those with some background by differentiating learning objectives while addressing the themes of identity, community, professions and culture.
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