Application for Collaborateurs Game Camp
The goal of this camp is for each participant to design and build a finished game to test with local game industry experts, share and market the game on the internet, display at the Detroit Mini Maker Faire, and take to the Young Inventors Challenge.

To accomplish this goal, participants will need to be great collaborators AND great entrepreneurs - thus the name Collaborateurs.

- Be 12 - 17 years old
- Be available for most of June 25th - July 29th to take part in the camp (see camp calendar for exact dates as some dates are flexible)

Camp cost will be $550 dollars total (for all 5 weeks). Scholarships may be available, please note the need on the application below.

First name: *
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Age: *
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Email will be the primary method of contacting participants. If you don't have an email, put your parent's email or someone else's email that you could receive messages through. This should be a frequently used email (it's checked every few days).
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What have been your favorite games throughout your life? *
Any games - board games, video games, sports, etc.
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If you were to design a game, what would it be?
If you were to design a game, what would it be? You could talk about the design, the potential rules, how many players, the name of the game, ... whatever comes to mind that you'd like to share!
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In 500 words or less, what are your skills and experiences and how could they help you design, build, share, or sell a game? *
This includes any kind of skill. For example - leadership (leading a team, building relationships, etc.), marketing (expressing the game concept to others, networking and socializing, etc.), technical (knowledge of the laser cutter, 3D printer, art/illustration, etc.), design related (developing game rules, using math to model game mechanics, etc.), organizational (experience in working in small groups, organizing tasks, taking notes, etc.), or something else.
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In 500 words or less, explain how you think games could change the world. This could be big changes or very small ones. *
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I talked with my parents about the camp, the dates, and the cost. *
I may need a scholarship for part or all of the cost to attend the camp. *
We're going to spend a lot of time playing games to make our designs better, to understand how games work, and just to have fun. How does that sound? *
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