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Thank you for your interest and willingness to provide some form of temporary housing for incoming students! We are looking for temporary accommodations for students from now through mid-September. Please sign up even if you only have a few nights available during these windows.
In order to offer accommodations for newly arriving student(s), please review the following guidelines:

1. Address the issue of payment with the student directly. Make sure and finalize with the student if, when, and how you would like them to compensate you for housing. Please note, MIIS cannot regulate or require students to pay for accommodations. However, we are suggesting students pay $15/night for offering a couch or space in a shared living area, and $30/night for offering a space in a private room.

2. Give a tour of your home when the student arrives and explain any guidelines you wish the student to adhere to during their stay.

3. Discuss house rules regarding the use of TV, computer, internet, refrigerator, etc.

4. Explain any curfew expectations you may have.

5.Discuss if you will allow students to bring guests into the home, and what the expectations will be of the guests.

6. If there are any problems concerning the student, address it with them immediately.

If you are unable to fulfill any of these requirements, please do not add your information to the list. Incoming students who are given access to the temporary low-cost housing list may have an immediate need that requires a prompt response; often times they need an accommodation for the same day/evening they have contacted you.

Please note: Temporary Low Cost Housing is a resource and in no way a formal housing placement or contract process. MIIS is unable to screen students or hosts and cannot vouch for any host or student involved in this process. MIIS does not assume any risks or liability for injury, loss, or damage resulting from or related to these temporary low cost housing arrangements.

If you have any questions or concerns about volunteering for the Temporary Low-Cost Housing list, please contact Student Services at 831-647-4128 or email:
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The California Fair Employment and Housing Act prohibits discrimination based on race, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religion, family status, or handicap/disability. Please do not include preferences or requirements based on gender here.
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