Welcome Survey for Newcomers!
Welcome to Bemidji, Minnesota!

It’s difficult moving to a brand new community. Let’s make sure that getting in touch with the local Community Connectors isn’t.

The Community Concierge program is comprehensive and personalized with a goal to engage with and welcome newcomers to the Bemidji area, as well as showcase all of the assets the greater Bemidji area has to offer. This program is intended to enhance the quality of life for the newcomers to our area, while also providing a platform for our Community Connectors to advocate that our community is an attractive place to live, work and play!

*Note: All personal information submitted is confidential and for internal purposes only until you are connected with one of our volunteer Community Connector through the program. When connected, your name and contact information that aligns with your preferred method of communication will be shared with your Connector match with the Community Concierge acting as a liaison.
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