Cambridge Interviews
5 written questions about your interview. Should only take 10 minutes.
What is this?
We're starting a website ( that shares student experiences to level the application playing field. Especially for Oxbridge (currently only Cambridge).

It combines links to useful resources with student's application experiences (we've had around 600 students so far). Basically making inside knowledge accessible: a good Student Room.

What do we need from you?
Answers about your interview experience and the sort of stuff you wish you knew before you applied.

The feedback so far has been really positive and your work is really appreciated.

Are we allowed to publish your text, and edit it if needs be? (Anonymously, of course) *
We will only edit text to increase clarity, correct typos and make sure answers do not infringe on university requirements. Any questions just let us know (Akil Hashmi - ah858 or Tommy Gale - Thanks so much for doing this!
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