Clan Castle League Season 7 Application
After sending this application an Admin will approach you within 48 hours via Discord (you need to be a member of the MLCW Discord server in order to be contacted - note. Clans already competing in MLCW S7 need only apply if they are not competing in 2 leagues.
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Where is your Clan primarily based out of? *
League Selection
The MLCW is comprised of 4 independent leagues of varying minimum breakdowns (BDs) to accommodate a variety of clan sizes and strengths . (Where BD format is TH12 / TH11 / TH10 / TH9)
What Breakdown are you applying for? *
Back up Breakdown? *
Alliance / Family Clans
Please list any alliances/family clans that your clan is affiliated with including clan tag(s). Please note we do not put alliances/family clans in the same division so it is important to list all clans you are affiliated with, especially if they are also applying for MLCW.
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Clan Growth
Has your clan merged with another in the last month, or do you anticipate merging in the next month? If yes or maybe, please explain with as much detail as possible.
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Current Leagues
Is your clan currently in any of the following leagues?
Past League Experience
Please give a brief summary of all leagues your clan has been a part of along with details such as divison in which you participated , breakdowns , end of season standings etc.
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Future Leagues
Is your clan planning to apply to any of the following leagues?
Clan Description
Please provide a brief description of your clan including primary country of origin, history, acheivements etc. We use this information to highlight clans and for other public relations purposes.
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Discord id of your first Clan Representative. (Clan Reps handle all league related tasks on behalf of the Clan.) *
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Discord id of your second Clan Representative. *
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Link to your master roster. you can find a template here, please create a copy and fill out, then attach the shareable view link below. *
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Did you read the Rules and Regulations of MLCW? If yes - how much time does a rostered clan member have to spend in your clan to be eligible?
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