Pennsic Themed Bardic and Performing Arts Circle and Tribute!
EK College of Performers Online:
Pennsic Themed Bardic and Performing Arts Circle

All are welcome! All Kingdoms! All places! All experience levels!
Just want to listen in? Performers love an audience!
August 8th, 6-10pm EDT

What is this event?
Join us for a Performing Arts and Bardic Tribute to Pennsic! All are invited to join us in sharing performing arts pieces centered around the theme of Pennsic! All kingdoms! All experience levels!

Our goal is for these performances to be on the subject of Pennsic! We welcome any aspect of Pennsic (i.e. a poem of a Pennsic battle, a song in praise of the Pennsic workers, a story about a gracious gesture by a Queen at Pennsic, etc.)

We welcome pieces in celebration of the SCA and the activities undergone at Pennsic!

We encourage folks to wear garb! Mundane clothes are also great! Even an audio only performance is more than welcome!

How do I participate?
Several ways to participate:
I want to watch!
-At 6pm EDT on August 8th 2020 there will be a live stream of performers that you can watch
(it will be recorded)
Live Stream Link

I want to perform during the live stream!
-Use this form to sign up to perform during the live stream and we'll send you information on how to join the day of the event (the live stream will be recorded) Sign ups close August 7th.

I want to submit a pre-recorded performance!
-Use this form to indicate that you'd like to send in a recorded video of your performance that will be later combined with the recorded live stream as part of a video compilation or playlist for Youtube
Sign ups close August 7th.

I want to perform and chat with others, but I don’t want to be recorded!
-Join us in a Social Circle Google Hangouts room while the performance is going on and perform pieces and share memories after the scheduled performances are finished (this will not be live streamed and will not be recorded).

Social Circle Room and Post Revel:
Meeting ID
Phone Numbers
‪+1 617-675-4444‬
PIN: ‪308 546 200 5688#‬

Schedule for the event:

I’m going to miss the event! What can I do?
There is an option to submit a pre-recorded performance described above. The live stream will be recorded and posted on Youtube, as well as the pre-recorded performances. They will either be in a single compilation video or a playlist.

Youtube Channel likely to host the videos:

For more questions please contact:
Master Grim the Skald

EKCoP Chatelaine Lord Douglas Doan

Facebook Event:

Third Thursday of every month we gather online
7-9pm Eastern Time

Post-Event Feedback form:
We are always looking to improve, please fill out the feedback form if you have anything you’d like to share with us!

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