Team Members' Registration Form - Sleep Easy 2020
Sleep Easy 2020 will take place at Wells Cathedral, from 7pm of Friday 6th March 2020 to 7am of Saturday 7th March 2020.

WHY? Sleeping rough so others don’t have to. Hundreds of young people every year spend at least one night on the streets. For every rough sleeper you may see in the community, there are dozens more who are sofa surfing, sleeping in cars, or on the move night after night. Shocking new research has revealed that a homeless person is dying every 19 hours in austerity Britain. The study found that at least 235 people affected by homelessness died over the last six months, an average of one every 19 hours*. We want you to join us to prevent other deaths through YMCA Youth Work and support vulnerable people as they go through the challenging experience of homelessness and building a new life, within YMCA supported housing projects.

WHO? This year you can join Sleep Easy as individual, family or taking part in the Sleep Easy 2020 Team Challenge. This for is for Team members only.

HOW? Challenge other teams to sleep rough for one night and raise money to help change the lives of vulnerable people. Build your cardboard shelter and sleep rough at the foot of the amazing Wells Cathedral.

There are 3 Team categories: Business / School / Parish

WHAT TO EXPECT ON THE NIGHT: Great time with your mates! We will offer hot refreshments, a warm fire, quiz games, toilets. You will meet new people (it will be the most unusual social event you will attend this year!) and make memories that will impact you; but more importantly impact others for a lifetime.

If you wish to register to take part please complete this registration form no later than Friday the 21st of February 2020 (Sleep Easy merchandise order by the 23rd of January 2020).
Any queries, please email us at Obj: Sleep Easy 2020
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