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How Does The Ticketing Process Work?
Fill this out. If Research is a few weeks away, us getting back to you can take a few days. If you hear from us, register with the same email that you used when completing the ticket request. You can now buy tickets for future Research events.

Why do I need to fill out a ticket request if I’m a first time attendee?
Research is a semi-private community of like-minded dancers. This is part our effort to create a comfortable, safe environment. It's rare that someone doesn't comply with our safer space policy and we have to bounce/ban someone. If it does happen, this system helps ensure that they're not allowed into future events. In addition, this approach helps to ensure that those who come are fully aligned with our mission. More information on this can be found on the frontpage of our website

Safer Space Policy

We want Research to be a comfortable place for everyone. These are behaviors that are not allowed…

  • Non-Consensual Touching
  • Racist, Homophobic, Transphobic, Sexist or other Discriminatory Language
  • Leering / Gawking / Creepy Staring
  • Violence or any type of threatening behavior
  • Ignoring signage regarding restricted areas + vandalizing the space

Also, please be conscious of other people's space. Leave glow toys at home. For the sake of the vibe, 📵 don't use your phone or take pictures on/around the dancefloor. If you think it's kosher to ask the DJ for a song request, you're in the wrong place. 👽

🚨 Failure to comply with these rules may result with you being banned from future Research events.

If you agree to abide by these rules, please write 'I agree to follow these rules'.

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