Coral Bleaching Reporting Form
Dear partners!

To better understand the impacts of coral bleaching events in the region we are looking to gather consistent, basic level coral bleaching data from as many partners across the region. Please use this form to contribute to this initiative. Once you are at the reef, dedicate approximately 15 minutes to applying the method below, and then fill and submit this form please.

- do a 5 min timed swim and observe the reef
- look at all the hard corals that can be seen and note their growth shape
(graphic shown below)
- estimate % of coral cover bleached in the area that you cover in 5min and record
severity of bleaching (categories shown below)
- if you have an underwater camera: take 2-3 general images from the reef area,
plus 10 or more vertical images 1m above substrate, separated by 2 or more meters
- if possible repeat the survey 4-5 times by moving along your reef - calculate the average values for the site
- fill out this form and submit your images for each survey
- if you can't fill out everything, don't worry
- Try to undertake the monitoring as regularly as possible during the bleaching season

Thank you for assisting our regional coral bleaching reporting efforts!

This simplified web-form has been set up to assist non-specialists in basic reporting of coral bleaching observations in the WIO, Red Sea & Gulfs, and South Asia & NE Indian Ocean. All data will be submitted to the global bleaching form supported by the NOAA Coral Reef Watch programme.

For more information, please go to:
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