Waitlist Open To Apply for Immigrant Women

Thank you for your interest in learning about the 'Foreigner To Local in 80 Days' coaching program for upskilling yourself. Please answer the below questions for me to determine if this course is the right fit for you. I will email you the details for the program for our classes starting August 2021.

The F2L program is for you if:

Your method of learning is by live coaching, classroom interaction and on the spot feedback.
You want to be equipped with skills and tools ready for Corporate America
You need study buddies and accountability partners.
You need personalized attention and guidance for your career path and challenges.
You need direct access to Anjali and the 6 guest lecturers
You want to widen your professional and social network.
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What year did you move to USA *
Have you worked before in USA in full time capacity? *
Select if any of these challenges apply to you *
The investment for learning through this program is between $450 to $999. Are you seriously interested in upskilling and starting a professional career? *
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