Tutor Application for Girl STEMpowerment Santa Clara "Math Heroes: Tutoring Series" for Community Service Hours (Round 3)
This is the official application form to be a Math tutor for the "Math Heroes: Tutoring Series" for Girl STEMpowerment: Santa Clara County Chapter.

The "Math Heroes: Tutoring Series" is a 10-week tutoring series from the week of February 1, 2021 to the week of April 5, 2021. Tutors will be expected to hold at least one, one-hour weekly session with their tutee. Each session will depend on the individual student as the program is need-based (students will bring what they need help with). This means that while you won't necessarily need to create a lesson plan for each session, it is still recommended to have some sort of a "back-up" plan if the student doesn't need help with a particular assignment. As a part of the "Math Heroes: Tutoring Series" you will be expected to attend a mandatory, 30-minute meeting on January 29. We will be sharing resources during this meeting. You will be tutoring students between the grades of 3-8 (most likely 3-5 graders). We will match you with your tutee depending on grade/skill level.

You will receive 1 hour of community service per class that you teach, and another 30 minutes for the mandatory meeting. This means that throughout the course of this program, you will receive at least 10.5 hours of community service hours (if you and your tutee/their guardian decide to have more than one weekly session, your hours will reflect that).

What is Girl STEMpowerment?
Girl STEMpowerment is an international non-profit organization that aims to expose young girls to various STEM fields through hands-on workshops, teaching classes, hosting competitions, and much more! The Santa Clara County Chapter is now accepting applications to join their team, where members get the opportunity to receive volunteer hours, work with both youth and professionals, improve their planning skills, help lead and participate in numerous STEM workshops, and work alongside dedicated and compassionate team members!

(note: ANYONE can apply to be a tutor!) Registration closes on JANUARY 25th!!
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