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Are you planning to register for Retreat at Piano Manor, taking place August 1-3, 2019?

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>>> UPDATE: All 14 available slots are now spoken for! However, if you'd like to join the waiting list, please fill out the form below. I will contact you by email if a slot becomes available. Thanks! >>>

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Note about staying at "Piano Manor": My home has four guest rooms. They are large, spacious rooms, and comfortably furnished -- other than a bed. Guests are welcome to stay at my home at no extra cost, but you'll need to bring your own air mattress. I want to let you know upfront that there is no air conditioning in the upstairs of the house. (Downstairs, we will have air conditioning.) There is almost always a healthy breeze coming across the fields, but it will be August -- i.e., it might be pretty warm in those upstairs bedrooms. I do have box fans to try to help keep the temperature comfortable. So, although it won't cost you anything to stay here at "Piano Manor", I did want to let you know more about the variables of the "living conditions" here. :)
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