We are looking for our new coliver!
Before filling up this application, it is very important to us for you to feel ok, and agree with our coliving terms and conditions:

What do we expect from you?

That you don't hesitate to show your real self, but also be openminded and respectful around the diversity of cultures, nationalities, ethnics, religions, alternative lifestyles, gender and sexual orientation, ways of thinking, political beliefs and sport teams preferences ;-)

That you are creative in your own way, that you are willing to learn from others as well as to share your talents (no pressure): the languages you know, your favorite music, recipes, and random skills... Everything could be interesting for other colivers!

That you are neat and clean, and above all, that you be thoughtful when you use all the shared areas. If you like to find the commonplace neat and organized, others will really appreciate it for you to be careful and clean too.

That even when there is space for social interaction, laughing, dancing, or playing. You should take into consideration that your colivers have other duties, responsibilities, and the right to have a "me time". You also have the right to be alone and not be disturbed. The good news is that we have a big house!

That we are full of joy and kindness as well. So there will be times to share and have some fun, but also there are times to rest and respect for others' sleep and work routine. So we have to respect other colivers and neighbors. We are located in a residential area!

That in PLAY House we try our best for you to be and feel safe. Cameras, locks, and alarm systems are activated 24/7. However, you still should be careful about your belongings since there could be eventual visitors or new colivers or coworkers. But also, take notice that we have a police station right behind us.

That even when you can receive visitors, these should be announced previously, and they should follow the same biosecurity steps all the colivers shall fallow in shared spaces. Safety and damages will also be your responsibility.
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