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Adding HowTo structured data to your page can automatically generate a How-to Action for smart displays. If you'd like to provide your users with the best visual experience on these devices, including the images specified in the markup, use this form to express interest. To learn more about How-to Actions, see Build a How-to Guide Action with Markup (

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1) Ensure your content is a fit for how-tos. A how-to walks users through a set of steps to successfully complete a task, and can feature video, images, and text. For example, “How to tie a tie” or “How to tile a kitchen backsplash”. If each step in your how-to must be read in sequence, it's a good sign that HowTo structured data could benefit your content. HowTo structured data is appropriate when the how-to is the main focus of the page.

2) How-to structured data is embedded into your site, per the instructions:

3) The URLs you provide have at least one marked up image.

4) How-to structured data has been tested using our testing tool:

5) How-to structured data renders without requiring user login.
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