Cover Reveal: Bennu Firebirds Series
It's time for another cover reveal, and this one is going to be huge! We're sharing not one but all three covers at once!

Making the Play
Meeting the Star
Missing the Beat

Cover Reveal Date:
May 28
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Unofficial Series Blurb
When Kaley, Eliza, and Maya applied to Bennu University, they wanted to chase their dreams. They just had no idea how big those dreams would grow.

Kaley has wanted to make it to Broadway since she was a child. Bennu is a great way to do that, but she's struggling with one of her classes. The person who agrees to help her study? Her favorite baseball player, Jackson Williams, who happens to be her brother's best friend. Oh, and her dad is the coach. They know they need to stay just friends, but they can't fight the pull toward one another. When the lines start to blur, Jax needs to decide whether he's willing to risk his friendship with her brother and his spot on the Firebirds. In not, he'll have to leave behind the one girl who reminds him that there is still some good in the world.

Eliza isn't an actress like her friends. She'd rather write the stories than appear in them. When she took up a couple summer jobs on campus, hoping to use the quiet time to write, she had no idea the next big romantic comedy would be filming there. The star? Her life-long celebrity crush, Lucas Warner. As she tags along with her best friend around set, she and Lucas inevitably become friends. But even if he didn't have a girlfriend, he wouldn't want to drag the sweet, clumsy girl into his chaotic world. No matter how much he wants to be the one to corrupt the innocence out of her.

Maya got the role of a lifetime. She's the lead in the next Lucas Warner movie, her two best friends have found love, everything is going better than they ever imagined. So why can't she be happy? It might have something to do with the intolerable rock star on set who seems to be making it his personal mission to irritate her. He's the cliché bad boy, and normally, she'd be all over that, but not when it's Xander Lewis. Not when it's the boy she grew up with who doesn't seem to remember her. He was her first crush, her first kiss. He will not be the next one.
These books are new adult/college romance. There are fade-to-black steamy scenes and suggestive dialogue, but the series is otherwise clean. Nothing is shown on page past kissing.
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