Ghent Dog Park Association
Nominations for 2017-2018 Board and Officers. Please read the descriptions per the bylaws for Ghent Dog Park association to determine which position(s) you feel best suited to fill.


A. The officers of the Corporation shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary and
Treasurer. Officers shall be appointed by the Board of Directors at the first Board of Directors'
meeting following the annual meeting.

1. The President shall be the general manager of the organization and shall supervise, direct, and control the organization's activities, business affairs, and officers.
2. The President shall preside at all members' meetings and at all Board of Directors meetings.
3. The President shall have such powers and duties as the Board of Directors or these Bylaws prescribe.
4. The President shall sign, with the treasurer, all checks over $100.
5. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees created by the Board of Directors.
6. The President shall be the organization's focal point and principal spokesperson for all park project planning meetings with city personnel.

The Vice President, in the absence of the President or Secretary, shall perform all duties of those offices and as otherwise directed by the President.

1. The Secretary shall record, or cause to record, meeting minutes at annual and special members' meetings; monthly Board of Directors meetings and committee meetings, as required.
2. The Secretary shall keep a Book of Minutes for all meetings, proceedings and actions of the Board of Directors; of committees of the Board of Directors; and members' meetings.
3. In support of the Secretary, committee chairpersons shall record committee meeting minutes and provide same to the secretary for inclusion in the Book of Minutes.
4. The Secretary shall maintain copies of the corporation's Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, committee charters and other documents critical to the corporation in its deals with city, state and federal agencies.
5. The Secretary shall notify members of regular and special meetings in the time and manner prescribed by these Bylaws. Supplemental notifications shall also be provided via electronic mail and posted notices at the Stockley Gardens Dog Park.
6. The Secretary shall keep a current Book of Members' Records, containing:
(a) Members' names, addresses, phone numbers e-mail addresses and facsimile numbers
(b)Members' class of membership
(c) Members' dues status (as provided by a membership committee chairperson and/or the Treasurer). The Secretary shall keep all members' records confidential, and shall only release members' information after receiving individual/specific member's approval, or as required by public law.
7. The Secretary shall allow the Inspection and copying of organization records and define in Article IX C, Records and Reports.

1. The Treasurer shall keep and maintain adequate and accurate Books of Accounts of the organization's properties and transactions.
2. The Treasurer shall receive, collect and deposit all funds or other valuables in the name and to the credit of the organization.
3. The Treasurer shall prepare and present a written financial report appropriate for each annual and quarterly members meeting and for each monthly Board of Directors meeting. Financial reports, as a minimum, shall include:
(a) The organization's monthly and year to date income, expenses and account balance.
(b) Specific project income, expenses and project/account balance.
4. The Treasurer shall sign all checks under $100. The Treasurer, and the President, shall sign all checks over $100. In the Treasurer's absence, the President and Vice President shall sign all checks.
5. The Treasurer shall allow the inspection and copy of financial reports as define in Article IX C, Records and Reports.
6. The Treasurer shall maintain an adequate set of financial books/records, recognized as accepted accounting practices, in order to satisfy applicable state and federal reporting and audit requirements.
7. The Treasurer shall submit financial books/records for independent review before each annual members' meeting and before the filing of financial reports with state and federal agencies.
8. In the event of the Treasurer's death, resignation or removal from office, the President shall appoint an interim Treasurer until an election can be held as stated in Article V, Section I.

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