CBAJ Minyan Registration week of 6/21
Please fill out this form and submit it by Thursday, June 18 8:00 pm so that we can plan for the week. Please be sure you receive an e-mail confirming your registration.
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I am committing to attend the minyan/minyanim I select, unless I become sick before the scheduled minyan. If I cannot attend a minyan (due to illness or some other reason), I will text Rabbi Feldman *
I agree to wear a mask while attending minyan. I will bring my own mask. *
I agree to arrive on time and to leave after davening is finished and not stay to socialize. *
If I am "high risk" (65 and older, immunocompromised, respiratory conditions, diabetes, or those with chronic kidney, lung, or heart disease, or severe obesity), I understand that I am encouraged not to attend, I am not currently obligated to pray with a Minyan, and am free from any obligation to recite Kaddish. If I am registering, I have considered and understand the health risks involved. I also understand that even if am not "high risk," but I have concerns about attending a Minyan due to Covid-19 considerations, I am exempt from davening with a Minyan and am free from any obligation to recite Kaddish. *
I understand that this registration does not guarantee me a spot at the requested minyan. I will be notified if I have a spot. If I do not have a spot, I will not attend. *
I understand that if I do not comply with this agreement, I will be asked to leave. I understand that if I or others do not comply, this and future services may be cancelled until a new plan is in place. *
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