VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP FORM: MKE Trans Community Volunteer Support - facilitated by FORGE & Zao MKE Church
Trans and non-binary community members, friends, family, loved ones and allies in the Milwaukee area...

Some of us are feeling helpless in these difficult times of coping with the COVID-19 virus, and many of us don’t know what we can do to help. FORGE and ZAO MKE Church know you care about the trans community and would like to do something to support community members who might be in need.

We know that many trans/non-binary people have needs for practical support or emotional connection right now. We have much gratitude for your willingness to help fellow community members. With your help, we hope to be able to match a volunteer with each community member who requests assistance.

Please fill out this form to be matched with someone requesting assistance. We will try to match you with someone whose needs align with your particular interests, skills, abilities and resources!

We will make every effort to provide you with information about the health status of any community member with whom you are matched. We recommend that you follow evidence-based recommendations and precautions if you believe that someone has or may have contracted the coronavirus/COVID-19.

If you have any concerns at any time while volunteering, please use your good judgment in order to safeguard your own health and well-being, and please let us know about the situation. While FORGE and Zao MKE Church cannot assume responsibility for anyone contracting the virus, we will do our best to support you in helping others AND staying healthy.

We promise to be in contact with you. We will acknowledge your offer of assistance, and we will contact you when we have a request for you. We will ensure that you're able to contact us and we will offer support while you're helping community members.

Thank you, again, for your kind and generous offer and your willingness to support people in our community who need our attention and care. Together, we can strengthen our community in the midst of challenge!

Thank you.

~ The staff and volunteers of FORGE & Zao MKE Church

[To sign up to be linked to support, or if you know someone who needs support, refer them to the request form at:  https://forge.tips/39TJWbY ]

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For the following questions, you agree that FORGE/Zao may share this information with a community member requesting assistance.
What is your name (first and last name that you would like us to use)? *
What pronouns do you use? *
Telephone number, if you have one?   *
Do you send and receive text messages from this phone number?   *
Email address, if you use one?  
How do you prefer to be contacted (please check ALL that apply)?   *
What is your address? (We'll try to match you with someone near your neighborhood.) *
Please answer accurately to help us safeguard the health of all community members.  We will not share this information with people with whom you might be matched, but we will rely upon it when matching individuals. Thank you.
Have you travelled outside the United States in the past 30 days, or travelled anywhere by plane, or been exposed to someone who was ill at the time with coronavirus?   *
If you answered "yes" above, please explain:
Have you had a fever or flu-like symptoms in the past 14 days? *
If you had a fever or flu-like symptoms in the past 14 days, did you seek medical attention?   *
Has a medical professional told you at any time that you have a coronavirus infection?   *
Has a medical professional or any other professional suggested, recommended, or ordered at any time that you stay at home? *
What kind of help or support can you provide?  *Please check ALL that apply. *
Do you have a valid driver's license and access to a vehicle with current registration and required insurance? *
Is there anything else that you want us to know about your offer to volunteer, or about any particular interests, skills, abilities, or resources that you have?  Thank you for volunteering!
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