Welcome to your Tantric Bodywork Session!
Your session begins as you complete this application, so do good work!
PLEASE DO NOT SKIM. The details below genuinely reflect who I am, and what you can expect if we work together. This is not a "Legal Disclaimer."
Your Tantric Bodywork or Training session will be incredibly sensual and pleasurable. However, the context in which I do my work is quite different from most providers who advertise on adult sites.

"I am so happy that I lucked across her ad a few weeks ago... Her service was absolutely great and a very sensual and healing experience. I would repeat! Summer is a unique type of provider. She is a professional, skilled, warm, friendly, and empathetic healer. Her service is far grander than just FBSM - as a matter of fact, it's not FBSM at all. She provides a high quality massage, psycho-therapy, erectile coaching, relationship advice and an intimate, sensual tantra service... She can show you some things about yourself that can benefit you in the long run, far beyond the moment of this session..." BROTHER8 on The Erotic Review

I believe that the power of Loving & Conscious Touch can make a profound difference in people’s lives. This type of touch, when experienced in a sacred space of respect, kindness and authenticity can be deeply healing as well as physically pleasurable and spiritually expansive.

As I touch your body, my intention is to leave you infused with Love, deeply relaxed, and with each and every cell in your body fully alive. In your session, you will have the opportunity to surrender your need to control, and simply receive tenderness, love and delicious pleasure.

My bodywork sessions are not common, low-end rub and tugs, nor are they a cover for an escort encounter. The Tantric bodywork session you’re requesting will be very personal & connected, focusing on opening your heart and body to receive Love and nourishment.

You will be the “receiver” and I will be the “giver.”

While you are welcome to experience physical release during your session, that will not be the focus of any authentic Tantric experience. Any therapist who promises that is not offering Tantra.

"If you want to just get a rub and tug then She is not the woman for you. However, if you are interested in elevating your sex game, mastering your orgasms, and feeling them from a deep place you didn't know existed then this is where you need to be. I can truly say without hesitation that She has changed my sex life. Hell, she has even changed the way that I masturbate."
DECAT7000 on The Erotic Review

I will bring you into a blissful experience that includes your entire body. You’ll learn to stay present to your emotions and body during arousal. Instead of checking out, you’ll experience what it feels like to be connected to yourself during a sensually evocative experience. Your session will not rely on fantasy or disconnected sexual titillation.

It's very important that you read the pages on my website that are linked in the form below. The information I share there is relevant to your session, and will be required for you to move forward.

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